Here are some frequent asked questions.
If there are anything that we can do to help,
please feel free to reach out to us.

Can I join by myself?
Sure. You are very welcome. If you tag along your friend or children to the workshop, one of you can book it for all of you.
Can I cancel a workshop or reschedule it to another date or time slot?
We can reschedule your lesson. However, if we do not get a cancellation notice from you 10 days prior to the booked workshop, you will be charged a 100% cancellation fee. Please feel free to get in touch with us about rescheduling or our cancellation policy.
I would like to improve my Fudemoji. Do you have private lessons?
We do not offer private lessons at the moment.
I am a beginner. Is okay for me to join a class?
We welcome beginners in our classes. You can join any of our Yukamoji workshops. However, we recommend you to join the beginners' workshop to learn more.
How long do the workshops go on for?
Most of our workshops are one-off workshops. We occasionally have a series of workshops that consist of multiple workshops.
Can I get any qualifications?
No, we do not offer any qualifications.
Would you tell me about your COVID guidelines?
For in-person classes, we provide ample ventilation and space between seats. We also ask tutors, students and participants to measure their temperature. We have alcohol disinfectant at the entrance. Wearing masks is mandatory except in certain circumstances.
Do you have discounts such as an early bird discount?
Some workshops have discounts depending on the booking conditions.
I am a minor. Can I participate workshops or join the class?
Yes. In case of children participating class or workshop, we kindly ask for an adult's supervision.
What is the gender ratio?
We have more female participants but we welcome male participants, too.
What do I need to bring to the workshop?
Each workshop is unique so we do not have set tools. Please refer your workshop details.
Do you have a dress code?
We usually do not have dress codes. However, we strongly recommend clothing that can be okay to get paint or ink on them. We may ask you to remove your accessories or watches.
When do I need to be at the venue?
Approximately 5 minutes prior to the start time. You may have to wait for the venue to open if you are there earlier.
How long is the workshop?
It depends on the workshop, but short workshops run for about half an hour and long ones can run for up to 2 hours.
Can I take the workshop I booked if I am late?
Yes. However, we cannot offer you enough explanation or lectures due to the time limit. We suggest you to be there on time in order to absorb it to the fullest.
Tools and Materials
Where can I get my tools from?
We do not have special tools. You can use something from your home or from a $2 shops.
Can I borrow brushes etc.?
Some workshops can provide spare brushes. Please enquire about this.
Where can I get my receipt from?
We will hand it out at the workshop. For online courses, we will send it to you.
Additional Information
Do you have this website in other languages?
You can click the top button to change it between English and Japanese.
Where can I have a look at Yukamoji artwork?
We can not upload her art work to the website due to copyright. You can see them on BASE and our instagram. You can also see them in the workshops.
Can I order a custom-made artwork?
Yes. You can make your inquiry from the form or ask her directly at the workshop.
What is Yukamoji?
It is the place where you can put the calligraphy rules aside and to express your uniqueness and experience inner peace and self discovery.
Can I bring my pet with me?
Currently pets are not allowed. However, we are planning workshops where you can bring along your pets in the future.
Can I take photos at the workshops and of the artworks?
No. You cannot take photos during the workshop as there are other people in the room. We kindly ask you to refrain to take photos of artworks in progress or completed artworks. You can take photos of your own artworks, but please let us know when you do so and when you post on your SNS feed.
Please send us your inquiry if you cannot find your inquiry above.
Fudemoji Artworks, Tools and Materials
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